We went functional in 2018, and since then, these are the stats, and all these dialyses have been done without charging patients a single rupee.

And that too, without charging a single rupee. Skyline Welfare Trust located at Township, Ghazi Chowk, College Road, Lahore, has been providing not only free oxygen cylinders since the first wave but also disinfectant sprays throughout the house, and timely treatment of Corona patients.

  • The houses which were provided free cylinders (527).
  • Patients were given the facility of doctors at home (42)
  • Bathing, shrouding, and burial of the dead (113)
  • Total Ambulances (2)
  • In 2018: Total Dialysis (2496)
  • In 2019 Total Dialysis (3120)
  • In 2020 Total Dialysis (4056)
  • In 2021 Total Dialysis (6037)
  • Total dialysis from January 1, 2022, to June 1. (2614)
  • At Lahore Center: Free food is also provided daily to the patients and their loved ones who come with them. (70 People a day)
  • In 2018: Ramadan ul Mubarak Ration Distribution (133)
  • In 2019: Ramadan ul Mubarak Ration Distribution (317)
  • In 2020: Ramadan ul Mubarak Ration Distribution (770)
  • In 2021: Ramadan ul Mubarak Ration Distribution (816)
  • In 2022: Ramadan ul Mubarak Ration Distribution (516)

Free Daily Dastarkhwan

Together we can make a difference

  • In our intervention on nutrition and community development, we need all hands on deck to reach the vulnerable women and children in underserved communities.
  • This is a reminder that you are important in our journey.
  • You are a change maker.
  • You are an individual of impact.
  • Together, we will feed more families, raise hope and bring smiles.

Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami Visited SkyLine Welfare Trust

Senior Political Journalist and Columnist who is the chief editor of Daily Pakistan Newspaper, Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami visited SkyLine Welfare Trust & shared his thoughts.

Mohammad Shabbir Sial PTI Visit Skyline Welfare Trust

Chairman Zakat Ashra Committee Lahore, Vice President Central Region PTI, Mr. Muhammad Shabbir Sial Sahib visited Skyline Welfare Trust Lahore and recorded his message for you.

Opinions of relatives who come with patients about Skyline Welfare Trust

Patient Family Remarks about SkyLine Welfare Trust

Awareness campaign on kidney disease in the society so that we can appreciate this great blessing given by Allah, adopt a healthy lifestyle and let those who are afflicted with kidney disease play an effective role in their treatment and the Hereafter be the head of Allah.

Healthy to Kidney Failure: Timeline by Dr. Fazal-e-Mateen from SkyLine Welfare Trust

Consultant Nephrologist Dr. Fazal-e-Mateen from SkyLine Welfare Trust Addressed “Healthy to Kidney Failure Timeline” at Annual Patient-Donner Get-together.

A Healthy Kidney? Dr. Fazal E Mateen Answers

Eight questions were asked to Dr. Fazal Mateen, a nephrologist that will change your diet routine.

Dr. Muhammad Asad Saeed (MBBS, FCPS, and Consultant Nephrologist)

has vast experience in managing patients suffering from a variety of kidney diseases and their complications. We offer comprehensive renal care for patients suffering from Kidney related diseases. Keep the spirit of giving alive, together with your donations we can bring hope to the lives of patients suffering from Kidney issues.


Patients Reviews about Skyline Welfare Trust

Patient’s Review: Mr. Bilal about SkyLine Welfare Trust

Our Dialysis Patient Mr. Bilal shares his experience as a patient in SkyLine Welfare Trust

Patient’s Review: Farzana Bibi about SkyLine Welfare Trust

Our Dialysis Patient Farzana Bibi shares his experience as a patient in SkyLine Welfare Trust.

Your Donation Will:

·        Provide another lifesaving treatment avenue for families.

·        Allow children and families to travel to receive treatment without the burden of expense.

·        Add years of life for children and adults who facing the deadly disease.

·        Contribute to personalized medicine in childhood Dialysis research.

Our Vision

The entire Skyline Welfare Trust family on the field is devoted to taking care of these people and catering to their needs in the limited time we have with them.

Help us to help them

Let’s remind them once again that they are not alone in this battle and together we will overcome all the hardships.
Raise Hope & Foster Dreams. Your donation will help Skyline Welfare Trust continue providing treatment to patients suffering from Kidney diseases in Pakistan

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